A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

May 15 ’12

Is Fethullah Gülen an Islamist?

Fethullah Gülen refutes in his speeches and writings Islamist claims for an Islamic political platform: “Islam does not propose a certain unchangeable form of government or attempt to shape it. Instead, Islam established fundamental principles that orient a government’s general character, leaving it to the people to choose the type and form of government according […]

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Apr 29 ’12

Do some people oppose Gülen movement?

Every socio-cultural, revival and peace movements have always had their opponents no matter where in the world they originate. Both within Turkey and beyond, there are people who oppose this movement’s services, projects, and activities. The majority of these opponents are marginalized people who have closed themselves to universal values and beliefs, who are dogmatic […]

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Mar 25 ’12

How is money raised for Gülen-inspired projects: examples

Helen Rose Ebaugh & Dogan Koc Questions regarding the financing of numerous and expensive projects of the Gülen movement are periodically raised by both critics of the movement and newcomers to the movement who are invited to Gülen related events. Because of the large amounts of money involved in these projects, on occasion people have […]

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Mar 22 ’12

Gülen Movement and Transparency

By Ismail Mesut Sezgin – Aug 8, 2011 The transparency of the Hizmet or Gülen Movement has long been a theme of various critics – writers, intellectuals and politicians. In the context of Turkey where secularism is deployed as a means to control religion rather than to separate it from politics, it is not hard […]

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Mar 15 ’12

Supporters and Critics of the Gülen Movement

In their article “A Contextual Analysis of the Supporters and Critics of the Gülen/Hizmet Movement”, authors Loye Ashton and Tamer Balci make an analysis of the Supporters and Critics of the Gulen/Hizmet Movement. They presented their paper in the conference “Islam in the Age of Global Challenges” held on Dec 4-6, 2009 Los Angeles, California. […]

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Mar 12 ’12

Fethullah Gulen: This Movement is Independent

Under normal conditions, for a movement of these proportions it would be impossible to stay independent, outside the politics, or free from other influences. How do you explain the fact that this movement has not gone down this road? Our biggest capital in the sight of God is the consciousness of our weakness, our poverty, our […]

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Mar 11 ’12

Fundamentalism and Groundless Fears

In Turkey, this movement is perceived in two ways: a blessing to be proud of and something that is dangerous in every aspect. Those who believe the second view say that “everything is alright, modern, and appears to be within the confines of democracy, but in the final analysis it reveals an Islamic Republic.” The […]

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Mar 11 ’12

Neither Now, Nor in the Future Should Our Friends Have Any Ambition for Government

Have you written a will? As for the movement; neither now, nor in the future should our friends have any ambition for government, they should not be engaged in politics, even if all the power and pomp of the world is laid at their feet; my friends who love me and heed my advice should […]

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Mar 10 ’12

Fethullah Gulen anwers accusations

What would you say about headlines like “….. he was discharged from the army due to connections with the Gulen community” which appear from time to time? This institution (the army) has certain conditions when admitting, as well as discharging, their staff. This needs to have a more lawful structure. Mr. Suleyman Demirel (former president […]

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