A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case


Oct 9 ’15

Why does Fethullah Gulen choose to stay in Pennsylvania?

Although there are no legal obstacles for my return to Turkey, I am concerned that certain circles are waiting for an opportunity to reverse the democratic reforms that were started in the early 1990s and accelerated in the last decade. I have to sacrifice my intense desire to return to my homeland in the interest of both Turkey and the good work of volunteers of the (Gulen) movement around the world.

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Oct 3 ’13

Who is Fethullah Gülen? by Hakan Yavuz

M. Hakan Yavuz* The question of just who Fethullah Gülen is has vexed many. According to his own declaration, he is a stranger in his own land, a political and spiritual exile in his birthplace, as well as not fully at home in any particular era. He is a stranger (garip) steeped in anxiety, a […]

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Aug 30 ’13

Where does Fethullah Gülen live?

The place where Gülen lives has been a heated topic among the Turkish public given recurrent news reports that appear in dailies in an attempt to cast doubt on where the Islamic scholar, who left Turkey in 1999, resides. While speculation and news reports among some national media outlets have claimed that prominent Turkish Islamic […]

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Mar 22 ’13

Who is Fethullah Gülen? A sociological analysis

Doğu Ergil Fethullah Gülen (b. 1938), known as Hocaefendi (pronounced as “Hodjaefendi”) to those who respect him, was born to Ramiz Efendi and Refia Hanim in Korucuk village, Pasinler town, Erzurum province, Turkey. Due to the slow pace of village life, he was registered later in the official ledger. The official ledger entry lists his birthday as […]

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Feb 11 ’13

A Painful Prosecution, But Ultimately a Step Forward

James Harrington Political trials have run throughout the course of human history. Often ey have intertwined themselves with religious issues, especially when the powers of “church and state” have aligned in mutual interest. In Western tradition and culture, the trials of Socrates, Jesus, Galileo, the Inquisition, the Salem “witches,” and John Scopes stand out in […]

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Dec 31 ’12

The Life of Fethullah Gülen: Highlights from His Education

Fethullah Gülen was born in 1941 in a small farming village near Erzurum in eastern Turkey. Ezurum was known to be culturally conservative and to have a very pious population. Although there were few opportunities for a general secular education for Turkish people at this time, Mr. Gülen’s parents sent him to the nearest state […]

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Sep 4 ’12

Fethullah Gülen’s Golden Generation: Integration of Muslim Identity with the World through Education

Yetkin Yildirim and Suphan Kirmizialtin Turkey is a crucible in which Eastern and Western civilizations, secular ideas, and Islamic tradition merge. Using ideas born in the Turkish context, Fethullah Gülen and his followers have developed and put into practice an educational system that combines the strengths of both European and Islamic cultures, cultivating students of academic […]

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