A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

Fethullah Gulen on individual society sanctity of state

Feb 12 ’16

Fethullah Gulen on individual, society and [sanctity of] state

Fethullah Gulen: There is no such thing as clergy in Islam; the words of religious scholars cannot be Divine decrees and the laws they produce of their own will cannot have any validity. Islam has no place for a clerical elite or a “holy state” that is sanctified by the clergy.

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Jan 22 ’16

The Islamic bases of Gulen’s theory of education

In his widespread writings Gulen stresses common values such as spirituality, honesty, relief, self-discipline, correctness, compassion, patience, tolerance and the necessities of leadership like realism, responsibility and long sightedness, which should be the attributes of the prophet. These are also taught in the schools of the Hizmet Movement as ethics.

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Jan 8 ’16

Muslims, we have to critically review our understanding of Islam

We must categorically condemn the ideology that terrorists propagate and instead promote a pluralistic mindset with clarity and confidence. After all, before our ethnic, national or religious identity comes our common humanity, which suffers a setback each time a barbaric act is committed.

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Dec 25 ’15

Fethullah Gulen’s educational philosophy as a core value of the Hizmet movement

In many parts of the world, the quality of education provided by Gulen schools is relatively high, especially in the field of physical sciences where high technology laboratories and computer rooms are provided. Perhaps shedding more light on the educational philosophy of Gulen is appropriate here. There has not been one particular ideology promoted within the Gulen educational philosophy.

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gulen movement turkishness

Nov 27 ’15

The Gülen Movement’s ‘Turkishness’

Yet its roots are quintessentially Turkish, located in Turkey’s historical baggage, its domestic political circumstances, and in a version of Islam that arguably has more currency in Turkey than elsewhere. This rich ‘Turkishness’ endows this globally-engaged movement with a paradoxical and sometimes quixotic character.

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muslims must combat extremism

Aug 28 ’15

Muslims Must Combat the Extremist Cancer

It isn’t fair to blame Islam for the atrocities of violent radicals. But when terrorists claim the Muslim mantle, then they bear this identity, if only nominally. Thus members of the faith must do whatever possible to prevent this cancer from metastasizing in our communities. If we don’t, we’ll be partly responsible for the smeared image of our faith.

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fethullah gulen forgiveness

Jul 24 ’15

Fethullah Gülen’s Perspectives on Forgiveness

Given the increasing interest in forgiveness, students of forgiveness have studied its religious roots. Most of the Islamic theological writings that exist about forgiveness seem to center on imploring adherents to forgive but often do not provide an integrated and comprehensive process of how to put this into practice. In his numerous writings, speeches and sermons, however, Fethullah Gülen has advanced a coherent perspective on forgiveness situated in the larger context of mercy.

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Jul 10 ’15

Fethullah Gülen’s Use of Scriptural Resources for Tolerance

… And while some have thought differently, most interpreters of the Gospels do not take it to be a universal rule that we should sell all we have and give to the poor. This is the significance of Gülen’s identification of the rule of tolerance as a ‘basic principle’ or a ‘universal principle’.

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people of service

Jun 21 ’15

People of Hizmet (service) in Fethullah Gulen’s thinking

People of Hizmet (service) are so rational and wise that they admit in advance that the path is very steep. So zealous, persevering, and confident are they that they willingly pass through all the pits of hell encountered on the way. Such people are so faithful to the cause to which they have devoted themselves that, deeply in love with it, they willingly sacrifice their lives and whatever they love for its sake.

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Fethullah Gülen’s philosophy

Jun 5 ’15

History of the Hizmet movement and Fethullah Gülen’s philosophy revisited

Gülen’s personal charisma goes hand-in-hand with good organization by his followers and an appealing message that one can be at home in the modern world and still embrace traditional values like faith in God and community responsibility. He often notes that 95 percent of religion is about one’s personal life and that community advancement comes through progress in one’s spiritual life.

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