A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

Human beings and their nature

Dec 26 ’14

Human beings and their nature (by Fethullah Gulen)

Humans, the greatest mirror of the names, attributes and deeds of God, are a shining mirror, a marvelous fruit of life, a source for the whole universe, a sea that appears to be a tiny drop, a sun formed as a humble seed, a great melody in spite of their insignificant physical positions, and the source for existence all contained within a small body. Humans carry a holy secret that makes them equal to the entire universe with all their wealth of character; a wealth that can be developed to excellence.

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Jul 20 ’14

“The Characteristics of a Believer” by Fethullah Gulen

God loves them, and they love God. They are always filled with 

the excitement of loving and are enraptured by the feeling of being

loved. With humility and tenderness, they make themselves like the 
soil in which roses can grow. They are respectful to others, but also

 protect their honor, which is more valuable to them than this temporal life. They do not let their tolerance, compassion, and gentleness be interpreted as weakness; they live according to their beliefs and do not 

heed the censures or praises of people. Instead, they care only that the atlas of their thoughts not loses its color; for they have resolved to be
 true believers.

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balanced muslim

Feb 21 ’14

Solving the Paradox: How to be a Balanced Muslim

Maimul Ahsan Khan This is Gulen’s most unique achievement. He did not give up his own religious practice in any areas of his activities and also extended his cooperation and collaboration with many other peaceful groups of activists dedicated to good works of social progress and cultural enlightenment. A major problem with the orthodox Islamic […]

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Jul 5 ’13

An analysis of Gülen’s Humanism

Heon Kim Gülen’s perception of humanism is at the heart of his thought, so much so that it serves as the reason for the existence and activities of the Gülen movement. My attempt here is to lay bare some constructional and distinctive characteristics of Gülen’s humanism. As a leading contemporary Islamic theologian, Gülen proposes his own […]

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