A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case


Aug 22 ’14

Fethullah Gulen responds to allegations

A TV channel started a defamation of Fethullah Gulen in June 1999 in Turkey based on a montage videocassette. Below is an phone interview with Mr. Gulen by famous anchor Reha Muhtar of Show TV. Gulen in this interview answers all the accusations such as penetrating the state institutions, bringing Sharia to Turkiye and being against the Turkish army.

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Mar 11 ’12

Fundamentalism and Groundless Fears

Question: In Turkey, [Gulen] movement is perceived in two ways: a blessing to be proud of and something that is dangerous in every aspect. Those who believe the second view say that “everything is alright, modern, and appears to be within the confines of democracy, but in the final analysis it reveals an Islamic Republic.” […]

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