A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

May 15 ’12

Is Fethullah Gülen an Islamist?

Fethullah Gülen refutes in his speeches and writings Islamist claims for an Islamic political platform: “Islam does not propose a certain unchangeable form of government or attempt to shape it. Instead, Islam established fundamental principles that orient a government’s general character, leaving it to the people to choose the type and form of government according […]

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Mar 10 ’12

ijtihad – Independent Reasoning

This article is taken from “An interview with Fethullah Gülen for the Muslim World Journal” The Muslim World Journal, Volume 95 – Number 3- July 2005. page 460-461 Q: The subject of ijtihad (independent reasoning) has been debated in the Muslim world for a long time. Some thought that the door of ijtihad was closed, […]

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