A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

Mar 7 ’16

Turkish Islam vs. Islamic universalism – Is the Gülen Movement relevant to non-Turkish Muslims?

It would therefore be regrettable if the particular Turkish historical roots of the Gülen movement caused other Muslims to believe the movement was irrelevant to their needs. The Gülen vision of the Turkish experience rep­resents a belief in the compatibility of the state, faith, and modernity. This reality differs from the experience of many other Muslim states.

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Jan 2 ’15

Understanding the Hizmet Movement – Is Hizmet Islamist?

It is on this basis that the Hizmet movement has competed directly with the revolutionary and authoritarian ideas of Islamists. The religious attitude of Civil Islam rejects the politicized doctrine and the “us vs. them” approach of Islamists, and instead stresses the importance of living Islam through sincerity, honesty, personal piety, and through selfless service to others through modern civil society.

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muslims have duty

Sep 12 ’14

Muslims have a duty to address those who distort Islam

According to Fethullah Gülen, those who commit transgressions against the nation or religion to which they belong are the ones who do the most damage, because they attack it from the inside. On the contrary, one is always ready to face any challenge from a known enemy.

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Jan 8 ’14

Consultation from Gülen’s perspective: The relationship between the ruler and the ruled

I am in favor of solving all issues according to the collective conscience. I am one of those who hold that three minds are better than one and thus prefer the majority sentiments of my friends to my own sentiments. Therefore, let’s make the mechanism of consultation operational. Let’s join our efforts together to meet and resolve the grave problems of the future and never act individually.

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Nov 22 ’13

Fethullah Gülen’s view on projects like “Islamic Common Market” or “Union of Muslim Countries”

It is imperative that alliances do not harm other countries and extra precautions must be taken to avoid causing tensions. In this regard, Gülen states: For alliances and peace, it is not absolutely necessary to have various organizations; extreme caution should be applied not to give way to the establishment of opposition camps; all humanity needs it.

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Nov 6 ’13

Are there any countries that do not allow Hizmet schools?

Doğu Ergil Are there any countries, which do not allow the [Hizmet] schools to be opened? If so, which ones? Have schools been established in countries experiencing social or political problems, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, and Bosnia Herzegovina? If so, have the schools made any positive contributions in terms of peace and prosperity? There […]

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Nov 5 ’12

Fethullah Gulen: Islamic world does not really exist, Islam is not understood properly

Leonid R. Sykiainen In a number of his publications Fethullah Gülen analyses in a short but very deep manner the present situation in the Muslim world. He agrees that during a long period of time the Muslim societies have been witnessing a multidimensional political, social and cultural crisis. On one hand, this crisis embraces the Islamic thought […]

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Mar 10 ’12

Intellectual Rebirth in Muslim World

Q: For centuries, the Muslim world has not produced many great intellectuals. What might be the reason for this? Is it possible to have an intellectual rebirth? Fethullah Gulen: It depends what is meant by intellectuals. The lack of intellectualism, which gives priority to reason against feelings and will and makes thought  the source of creativity, […]

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Mar 10 ’12

Fethullah Gülen on Renaissance in Islam

Q: Many writers in the United States and the West relate the development of the West to the Renaissance. Is it possible for there to be a renaissance in the Islamic world? Is a renaissance necessary? What are your thoughts? Fethullah Gülen: The Renaissance is known as a New Birth, Revival, and Awakening. Some people […]

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