A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

Mar 25 ’13

Is the Gülen Movement a Religious Order?

Enes Ergene Even though the essential dynamics of the Gülen movement look similar to those of the classical Islamic tradition of spiritual orders in certain aspects, its organization is different with regard to producing civil initiatives and its way of acculturation. Max Weber’s concept of “worldly asceticism” can help analyze the Gülen movement only to […]

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Jun 28 ’12

Fethullah Gülen’s Response to the “Clash of Civilizations” Thesis

Dr. Richard Penaskovic Unlike Huntington Mr. Gülen is not an academic. Rather, he writes as a preacher, a journalist, a visionary, and as an activist. His thoughts are simple yet profound, poetic rather than pedestrian. He finds his inspiration in the Qur’an, the hadith, the Sufi mystics, particularly Rumi the poet, and in the ideas […]

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May 18 ’12

How does Gülen Movement achieve cohesion despite its decentralized and non-authoritarian structure?

Participation in services takes relatively stable, enduring forms. Individuals come and go and replace one another but the projects remain and continue. Individual needs and collective goals are not mutually exclusive; they are one and the same thing, and in daily life coincide and interweave closely with the action of the Gülen Movement. The Gülen […]

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May 14 ’12

Is Gülen Movement a cult?

One common characteristic of participants in the Gülen Movement is their acceptance of the scholarly authority of Fethullah Gülen. They tend, in addition, to emphasize particular aspects in the practice of their faith. These aspects emerge as distinguishing features or styles in their positive discourse and peaceful action. However, certain factors disable any sort of […]

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May 12 ’12

What Made the Gülen Movement Possible?

In today’s Turkey Gülen movement represents an Islam, which is liberal and tolerant, which is in favor of the country’s EU bid and democratizing reforms. And this means that it is a “modern” movement. Yet this modernity has not been achieved by the authoritarian secularist policies of the state. It has been achieved thanks to […]

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Apr 22 ’12

The Place of the Gülen Movement in the Intellectual History of Islam

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Established religions are struggling to come to terms with societies that are increasingly secular and skeptical about the certainties of the past. They are struggling to come to terms with the new modes and speeds of communication and the moods and ideas that can now be spread […]

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Apr 14 ’12

Is the Gulen movement continuation of the Nur movement?

The general public or some official or unofficial segments of the community believe the movement’s nourishment to provide service for the public and for God is inspired by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, or is perceived to be an extension of the Nur movement. However, the Gulen movement is unique and independent with its authentic methods of […]

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Apr 11 ’12

Does Gulen movement have a formal hierarchy?

The volunteers of this movement have established in many countries around the world credible institutions and organizations operating in a variety of fields including education, health, media, dialogue, and relief, national and international trade. These are disparate organizations established by individuals or via a collective group of volunteers who operate professionally. The aforementioned organizations are […]

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Apr 4 ’12

Basic Characteristics of the Gulen Movement

Hizmet (Gulen movement) is a transnational civil society movement calling up everyone to collaborate around a common ideal of good work for humanity. The movement aims to facilitate an environment in which all can work together in a pluralist, peaceful, all-embracing spirit and voluntary altruism, regardless of subscription to a certain faith. As a civil-based […]

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Apr 3 ’12

What is Fethullah Gülen’s position in the movement?

Fethullah Gülen is an opinion leader, an inspirer who encourages people to do service; he advises on plans and projects and provides guidance either through media or a press release when he deems appropriate and necessary. Since his early days, as an individual like all other fellow citizens, his involvement in the movement stems from his […]

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