A Universal Islamic Phenomenon in Turkish Religious Practice: the Fethullah Gulen Case

May 19 ’12

Are there autonomous Hizmet groups?

When we look at the discussions and debates surrounding the Hizmet (Gülen) movement especially in the Turkish media, I observe that some writers are inclined to see the movement composed of a few relatively autonomous groups with sometimes clashing visions and practices. As someone who has been working on the movement in my academic capacity […]

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Mar 22 ’12

Gülen Movement and Transparency

By Ismail Mesut Sezgin – Aug 8, 2011 The transparency of the Hizmet or Gülen Movement has long been a theme of various critics – writers, intellectuals and politicians. In the context of Turkey where secularism is deployed as a means to control religion rather than to separate it from politics, it is not hard […]

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